John Oliver: Labor Day

Everyone knows the rule against wearing white after Labor Day. John Oliver suggests some other things we should all stop doing.

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Six Degrees of Separation: Marty Feldman

Marty Feldman was one of the forgotten greats of British Comedy. Uniquely, Feldman's journey took him from the golden age of BBC Radio comedy, with Round the Horne, the show he co-wrote with Barry Took, through the hothouse of 1960s television comedy, where Marty worked alongside the Pythons on The Frost Report and At Last The 1948 Show before getting his own series.

He went on to Hollywood with classic movies like Young Frankenstein. Marty was a writer first and foremost, but he was also a great physical clown, who idolised Buster Keaton. In moving to Hollywood, he hoped to emulate Keaton, but the Hollywood system quickly withdrew its support when they couldn't contain his talents.

Featuring a cast of close friends including John Cleese, Michael Palin, Sir David Frost, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Dom DeLuise (and parrot), Larry Gelbart (who produced a series for US television for Marty) and the great director Barry Levinson, who was one of his writers.

From The BBC

When Gene Wilder First Met Mel Brooks

In a May 2, 2002, interview with CNN's Larry King, Gene Wilder talks about meeting Mel Brooks for the first time, leading to The Producers, Blazing Saddles and so on.

How To Protect White People's Feelings In The Workplace

White people! They're in every workplace across the country. But did you know they're easily offended by your mentions of BLM, Kendrick Lamar and other racially charged phrases? Watch this video and find out how you can be more white-sensitive.

From Newsbroke