Simpsons: How I Wet Your Mother

Based on the movie Inception.

Billy Kimball & Ian Maxtone Graham are nominated for an Annie Award for the Writing of The Simpsons episode, "How I Wet Your Mother".

From The Simpsons.

Simpsons: Aurora Borealis

Homer, Moe and Lenny are on a stake-out during a Nordic adventure and miss the Northern Lights.

From The Simpsons.

The Simpsons: Writers Reunion with Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien has lengthy, uninterrupted conversations with interesting people on topics which fascinate him. In this special round table episode, "The Simpsons" scribes Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jay Kogen, and Jeff Martin reunite with Conan for a rollicking 80-minute discussion about comedy, fatherhood, and the early days of the pioneering animated show.

From Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O'Brien.

The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare

Watch the Academy Award-nominated short film in which Springfield's most famous toddler spends a day at the Ayn Rand Daycare Center, where her only friend is an all-too fragile butterfly.

Simpsons: Mr Burns Endorses Romney

An election eve appeal from Montgomery Burns. Mr. Burns puts Shamus the dog to the test of choosing between Broccoli Obama and Meat Romney.

Simpsons Intro by Banksy

The opening sequence for tonight's episode of The Simpsons was storyboarded and directed by famed British street artist Banksy.