Lewis Black UCSD Commencement Address, 2013

Comedian Lewis Black gave the commencement address Saturday, June 15, 2013, at UC San Diego's Thurgood Marshall College, with 1,200 graduates. Story, photo gallery and more videos are posted on La Jolla Patch.

Best Story Ever: Jackie Chan Picks a Fight with Bruce Lee and Loses

For a young martial arts performer, getting to act opposite Bruce Lee was a huge honour - and Jackie Chan got the chance on the set of 'Enter the Dragon'. But things didn't exactly go according to plan.

When Bruce accidentally hit Jackie in the head, he felt awful. Which allowed Jackie to spend a little quality time with his idol.

From George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

Chris Rock: Eddie and Me

Chris Rock remembers preforming stand up comedy in front of Eddie Murphy. Eddie brought Chris out to Los Angeles for Chris' first movie break.

Aging Rockers Need to Update their Lyrics

When rockstars get old should they quit singing? Tim Hawkins says they can keep at it, but maybe they should change the lyrics. Aging Rockers gives Tim's take on how some of these songs could be reworded. Filmed live at the Metrocenter for his "I'm No Rockstar" DVD.

From Tim Hawkins

Beastie Boys: Fight for Your Right (Revisited) Full Length

It's a celebrity overdose in this short film from the Beastie Boys starring Elijah Wood and Will Ferrell as Ad-Rock, Danny McBride and Jack Black as MCA, and Seth Rogen and John C. Reilly as Mike D. Also appearing are Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Rashida Jones, Will Arnett, Adam Scott, Mike Mills, Rainn Wilson, Arabella Field, Ted Danson, Roman Coppola, Shannyn Sossamon, Steve Buscemi, Amy Poehler, Mary Steenburgen, Alicia Silverstone, Laura Dern, Arthur Scipio Africano, Alfredo Ortiz, Milo Ventimiglia, Jody Hill, Silvia Suvadova , Jason Schwartzman, Losel Yauch, Chlo Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst, Maya Rudolph, Clint Caluory, Zach Galifianakis, David Cross, Orlando Bloom, Martin Starr, a Delorean, and the Boys themselves.