How To Fix A Bad Tattoo

Tattoos can be beautiful and wonderful. But things change. Are you embarrassed about an old tattoo? Misha can help.

(Disclaimer: Converse is not really in the Global Education Business.)

Robot Chicken: Keanu Sausage

When eating Keanu Sausage, use a fork... there is no spoon.

Keanu Reeves beats the world of acting and now he's going to beat the world of Breakfast Sausages.

Includes testimonials by Christopher Walken and William Shatner.

From Robot Chicken.

Adjective Noun Generator

This site gives you a random combination of an adjective and a noun, and then you can interpret or define it for others to see.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

Looks like an old 16-bit video game intro that someone did voice overs for with computer generated voices.

Then he turned it into an electronica track and took every picture that is being passed around the web, made it his own and used it for the video.