OutRun Augmented Reality

Guy takes a cabinet from the 80's arcade game OutRun, turns it into something that can drive. But that's not all. Webcams, a computer, and special software look while you drive and convert real life roads into the game 80's graphic style!

Dot Action 2

Just start by pressing space. All the instructions are in Japanese and not of any great help. Also, if you quit the game, you'll need to make note of the six digit code (nnn-nnn) to pick up where you left off.

Arrows to move, space to jump.

Collect all the blue dots.

Green dots will turn the field upside down, orange dots and lines will electrify you so you need red dots to neutralize the orange.

But it only will last a short time.

Gray dots act like water and you must swim through them (space bar).

A very simple (and a big 5 MB load time) but fun and addicting one here.