Bela: L'Homme Chat

A short documentary shot during Cannes Film Festival 2011.

"Bela" follows the day in the life of a street performer named Bela Erdei or "the cat man". Bela, a recognizable face to some, travels hours by train throughout the south of France to perform with his affectionate house cats. An affable and eccentric character who has a real passion for what he does.

Produced by Real Ideas Studio 2011.

Book: Who Cut the Cheese - A Cultural History of the Fart

From the author: We've all grown up hearing about the underground of fart lore--vague tales of secret writings by famous people, obscure recordings of "crepitation contests," wild tales about some guy in France who could sing through his ass and blow out candles from a foot away.

Well, it's all true, and I've gotten to the bottom of every story.

Plus, there's coverage of Howard Stern and his Fartman character, the rise of flatulence as a crowd pleaser in Hollywood, and much more.

I wanted to make the story of farts a ripping good read.

If you've ever laughed at a fart, I think you'll love this book.