Animals Interrupt Sporting Events

Animals Interrupt Sporting Events: A Critical Analysis

In which John discusses adorable animals interrupting sporting events, including such hits as Dog Pooping on Baseball Field, Goalkeeper Dog Catcher Fail, Pine Marten Invades Swiss Soccer Match, Drug Dog Wants to Play, Anfield Cat, and Squirrel at the US Open. It's kind of a weird video.

Robot Chicken: Super Villain Carpool

Super villains Skeletor, Cobra Commander, Lex Luthor and Mumm-Ra are late for work, stuck in traffic.

Things get awkward when they pull up next to superheroes He-Man, GI Joe, Superman and Lion-O.

From Robot Chicken.

Best line: "Behold the gaseous stench of Skeletor's breakfast burrito!"

Book: Who Cut the Cheese - A Cultural History of the Fart

From the author: We've all grown up hearing about the underground of fart lore--vague tales of secret writings by famous people, obscure recordings of "crepitation contests," wild tales about some guy in France who could sing through his ass and blow out candles from a foot away.

Well, it's all true, and I've gotten to the bottom of every story.

Plus, there's coverage of Howard Stern and his Fartman character, the rise of flatulence as a crowd pleaser in Hollywood, and much more.

I wanted to make the story of farts a ripping good read.

If you've ever laughed at a fart, I think you'll love this book.