These excerpts are part of the documentary War for the Web (
We met Aaron Swartz in spring of 2012 at the Freedom 2 Connect conference ( in Washington D.C. As one of the keynote speakers, he told his story about how he and a group of passionate Internet users rose up against a Goliath of government and corporate interests to defeat the infamous SOPA/PIPA bill. With calm understated confidence, Aaron reminded all of us of the power we have within ourselves to effect change in the system.

After his speech, we approached Aaron to ask him if he would be willing to share his thoughts with us in our documentary about past, present and endangered future of the Internet. Like he was with so many others, Aaron was incredibly open and generous with his time. He gave us our first official interview for our film, and we know that "War for the Web" will be that much better because of his wisdom and knowledge.

We share with you some unedited excerpts of Aaron's insights, in which he discusses growing up in the age of the Internet, the importance of the freedom of speech and access to information, and how we as individuals are responsible for the future of the Internet.
Rest in Peace, Aaron.

J. Cameron Brueckner, Ben Caspi, Michael Wooldridge
Producers, War for the Web