What is the meaning of life?
To live and to live in a mystery and to find purpose and to live in the now... MAGIC ... NOW

What is your most adventures memory?
THIS!!! I remember this!! I remember this... This is an adventure; this... this is the memory!!!

What advice do you have for younger generations?
Live in the moment. Don't get old. Don't judge people... Because you can't be free if you judge people... Love now... Create! Inspire!!!

How do you define being free?
By doing what you love!! This... the moment... LOVE... Now it repeats!

What other Advice do you have?
That you are already doing... your always doing what in your heart... you can't get away from your heart... because life is a paradox ... it's a merrier of confusing... so love NOW

Who do your love?
I love all of you!

This eccentric mans words and sound effects have been seared into my soul.