Obama: Sup Girl

Jimmy explains the meaning behind President Obama's lesser-known facial expressions like the "Photobama!" 

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Peanuts Movie in 3D

For the first time ever, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang we know and love from Charles Schulz's timeless "Peanuts" comic strip will be making their big-screen debut; like they've never been seen before in a CG-Animated Feature film in 3D.

From Peanuts Movie

Tony Hawk on a Hoverboard

Tony Hawk & Dave Carnie visit the Hendo Hover warehouse to ride the world's first real hoverboard.


Jimmy Fallon Flying like Peter Pan

After talking to Allison Williams about starring in NBC's Peter Pan Live, Jimmy attempts to fly.

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Using Captchas Digitize Books

Back at the beginning of the century, Luis von Ahn helped invent CAPTCHA, the online security device featuring squiggly letters that you have to re-type in order to prove you're human. In 2007, von Ahn invented reCAPTCHA, a new form of CAPTCHA that serves a second purpose: the digitization of old books. In this video clip, von Ahn describes how reCAPTCHA works while discussing the power of human computation, a term he helped coin that describes the harnessing of both human and computer abilities in order to accomplish difficult tasks.

From BigThink

Woody Harrelson Tries to Remember 1989: SNL Monologue

Host Woody Harrelson rewrites the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" to sing about the year 1989 with a little help from Hunger Games costars Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence.

From Saturday Night Live