Leigh Bowery Goes Shopping at Harrods in London

Leigh Bowery was a London-based performance artist, club promoter, model, and designer. He studied music, played piano, and in Melbourne he studied fashion and design. He created promos for musical artists, including a promo for David Bowie’s “Ashes To Ashes” video.

Bowery influenced other artists and designers including Meadham Kirchhoff, Alexander McQueen, Lucian Freud, Vivienne Westwood, Boy George, Antony and the Johnsons, Lady Gaga, John Galliano, the Scissor Sisters, David LaChapelle, Lady Bunny, Acid Betty plus numerous Nu-Rave bands and nightclubs in London and New York City.

Video from Hint Magazine

The Physics of Star Trek

The world of 'Star Trek' is obviously fiction, and even though its technology may be implausible, it still provides a glimpse into what might be and what's impossible. In his book 'The Physics of Star Trek,' author Lawrence Krauss speculates about the wonders of 'Star Trek' technology and whether some of it may actually work. He joins The Agenda to provide a down-to-earth insight into the world of physics.

Samantha Bee: Cold Dead Hands

Hey, NRA! Are those most of our elected GOP members of Congress in your pocket? Or am I just too depressed to finish this joke?

From Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

John Oliver: England Pulling Out of the EU

Brexit (Britain + Exit). How clever.

Britain could soon vote to leave the European Union. John Oliver enlists a barbershop quartet to propose a smarter option.

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Iggy Azalea Carpool Karaoke

James and Iggy Azalea carpool through Los Angeles singing some of her classic songs and stop in to a bridal shop to try on wedding dresses ahead of Iggy's nuptials.

From The Late Late Show with James Corden

Selena Gomez Carpool Karaoke

James calls on Selena Gomez to help him carpool to work, but not without a stop at an amusement park and a drive-thru first.

From The Late Late Show with James Corden

Lena Dunham's Box of Lies

Jimmy and Lena take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jim Gaffigan: Father's Day Gift Guide

Jim Gaffigan uses his expertise as a father of five to give gift suggestions for the dad in everyone's life.

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

John Oliver: Early Retirement

Saving for retirement means navigating a potential minefield of high fees and bad advice. Billy Eichner and Kristin Chenoweth share some tips.

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

President Obama Slow Jams the News

Jimmy Fallon and President Obama slow jam the news, discussing Obama's legacy, accomplishments and thoughts on the 2016 election.

From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon