First Apple iPhone 6 Broken Seconds After Purchase

Jack Cooksey camped overnight to be the first to walk out of Apple store with new iPhone 6, and then immediately dropped it on the sidewalk during unboxing and shattered the screen.

From 9 News in Perth, Australia.

Act Casual when Stealing Art

An optimistic thief attempts to conceal a WWI commemorative piece of artwork from Castle Fine Art Gallery on 17 August 2014.

Staff stopped him as he left and recovered the piece. Police are now trying to trace the would be thief.

From West Midlands Police

Lena Dunham’s Bust

For its annual Culture Issue, The New York Times Magazine commissioned the artist Victoria Diehl to turn Lena Dunham into high art.

From The New York Times

Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

A new makeup look inspired by America's new favorite spousal abuser.

How to tell if you're being abused and how to seek help:

Directory of transition houses and shelters (Canada):

Directory of shelters (USA):