SCTV: The Driftwood Inn

Why spend Christmas at home when you can go to the Driftwood?

Announcer: Eugene Levy

From Second City Television (SCTV)

Hot Guys

It's going to get hot.

From Broad City.

The Indian Removal Act

An introductory lecture to the basics of Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act.

From HipHughes

Merry Xmas from the Trees

It takes up to 12 years to grow a Christmas Tree. Then they are chopped down, put in houses for a couple weeks, and thrown away. 33 Million real trees were sold in the U.S. last year.

Happy Holidays!

From Animation Domination High-Def

SNL Xmas Church Day

St. Joseph's Christmas Mass Spectacular features Pastor Pat (Bobby Moynihan), organist Linda Tayhoe (Kate McKinnon) and all 44 verses of "O Come All Ye Faithful."

From Saturday Night Live

Santa Traps with Martin Freeman

For anyone looking to feast on Santa meat, Michael Braslow (Martin Freeman) has just the product for you: Santa Traps.

From Saturday Night Live (SNL)